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We have offices in Warsaw and Poznan. In Warsaw, we have three localisations. Buying one of our packages you gain unlimited access to all of our locations.

Clockwork – Virtual Office Poznan and Coworking

Słowackiego street 55/1

60-521 Poznan

tel.: +48 790 840 670



Clockwork Mokotów

Ksawerów Street 3

02-656 Warsaw

tel.: +48 730 150 370


Clockwork Ursynów

Zamiany Street 8/202

02-786 Warsaw

tel.: +48 530 901 194


Clockwork City Center

Twarda Street 1

00-114 Warsaw

tel.: +48 790 840 670


Clockwork is build around flexibility. If for some reason you are very often in Poznan and Warsaw we are a perfect choice for you. Renting access to one of our facilities grants you acces to another one!

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Check out our locations in Warsaw.


Centrum – ul. Twarda 1


Mokotów – ul. Ksawerów 3


Ursynów – ul. Zamiany 8


Clockwork is an innovative combination of many services at the same time. Virtual Office in Poznan and conference rooms and office spaces. We really care about maintaining our elasticity of our services and gain your trust.

Clockwork cares a lot about promoting Poznan business traditions. This city has always been considered the cradle of Polish capitalism and historically one of the most industrialized cities. A good example is the Metal Manufacturing Factory of Hipolit Cegielski. This is the place where many of motor, chemical and melting industries have originated in Poland.

During the II Republic Pozna was considered one of the most industrialized cities, and the “Poznan Industrial Area” was one of the highest importance. In the 1921 year, Poznan’s industrial factories were employing about ¼ of people living in this area. Poznan’s factories were successfully competing with German factories. Because of its location, railroad infrastructure and communication route,s a substantial part of products were sold to other countries.

“A nation’s material basis is it’s land, industry, and trade. Who sells land, industry or trade to foreign hands sells the nation, betrays the country.” – Gaspar Józef Hipolit Cegielski