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Sale of the Company

14 January 2019 - Bez kategorii

Sale of the Company

The sale of the company is a new portal with which we cooperate! Thanks to it you can quickly buy a ready company or register a new company.

Sale of the company – offer

The company’s offer is very wide and includes such services as:

Sale of a companyThe company offers the possibility of setting up a business in other countries. We have the possibility of establishing companies in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, and many other countries. All formalities will be handled by them personally. If you need to start a business very quickly, buying a company is a very good solution. Thanks to this you will be able to issue a VAT invoice the very next day. The companies offered by this company have all the documentation, NIP, REGON, KRS, and VAT or VAT-EU numbers. This gives you a unique opportunity to quickly start your dream business.

The company cooperates with us in the field of virtual office offer. The benefits are great for both sides. We hope you will have the opportunity to use the services of this company. We will try to bring you closer to her profile in the near future.

This company can help you prepare all the necessary documentation, such as:

A detailed description of all services can be found here:

Gotowe Spółki – Sprzedaż

Rejestracja Spółki

Zakup Spółki

Spółki zagraniczne/Offshore


Obsługa prawna, podatkowa i doradztwo

Our existing contracts with this company are very professional. They offer fast and substantive support. If the specificity of your business is atypical and you are thinking about building a capital group to enable you to optimize taxes, then this is the company that will allow you to achieve this. We know this from the experience of our clients who inform us about their successes.

Contact is handled by our office. As a back-up, there is a law firm and other relevant services while conducting business activities based on a commercial law company.

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